Our active camper is for those seeking the comforts in life. The conversion has a fully equipped kitchen, with the positioning of the kitcken being at the rear this opens up for a spacious living and dining area. This conversion has a flexible sleeping area with two single beds. The camper is designed for comfort and effortless touring, the active camper makes for a simple and easy journey.

Rear Elevating Reimo roof
Seating 4 persons (includes head rests and seat restraints)
Ingenious kitchen design
50-Litre compressor fridge with removable freezer compartment
Gas grill/warming oven (optional)
Gas locker
Ingenious 27 litre inset reimo fresh water tank
Roof beds (optional)
Swivelling single driver and front passenger seats
Twin beds
Swivel cassette toilet with electric flush
Power management system with digital functions
240v mains with 12v charger
110 amp/hour battery
USB sockets
Under seat storage
LED lighting
Lined curtains
Versatile storage areas
Thermal and acoustic insulation
Fire extinguisher and blanket
Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

Options & Extras for your Active Camper:
- Roof bed with mattress
- Wallas duo diesel heater and hob (No gas in camper)
- Activity Shower
- Choice of window blinds
- Hot water
- Diesel heater
- Portable toilet

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A1 Camper Conversions